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IETE AVISKARA-2K23 prelims was held on 1st & 2nd of September 2023, at Raghu Educational Institutions(REC & RIT). Several colleges have been invited by the IETE student branches of both the colleges to present their ideas and projects in all the tracks introduced by prelims. This event marks the culmination of days, weeks, and months of hard work, innovation, commitment and dedication. Aviskara, a technical extravaganza, has been a testament to the incredible talent, creativity, and technical prowess of all the participants.

Aviskara isn’t just an event; it’s a celebration of the future, a convergence of ideas, and a platform where the brightest minds collide to redefine the boundaries of technology. As we stand here amidst the vibrant atmosphere of curiosity and inspiration, we are reminded of the immense potential that lies within each one of us to transform the world through our innovative endeavours. But beyond the competitions and the showcases, Aviskara is about fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for technology and a vision for a better tomorrow. It’s about collaboration, about learning from one another, and about igniting the sparks of inspiration that will continue to glow long after the event concludes.


IETE AVISKARA-2K23 prelims started with the inauguration held at Raghu Engineering College by Dr.K Chandra Bushanan(Director of Academic and Planning, JNTU-GV Vizianagaram), Prof.P Rajesh Kumar Sir(Head of the Department of ECE, Andhra University College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam),Dr.Ch Srinivasu Sir(Principal of Raghu Engineering College) & Dr.K Phaninder Vinay Sir( Professor & Head of the department of ECE) followed by salutation of ISF Student Co- ordinator, Mr.P Abhishek(Chair, REC).
And the event was hosted by D Harshana.

The IETE AVISKARA-2K23 technical event, hosted at Raghu Educational Institutions, encompasses five distinct tracks, namely:

      Tech-Show Case
      Poster Presentation
      Launch Catalyst
      Robo Rumble
      Design Nexus

    We have scheduled the Tech Showcase and Poster Presentation for September 1st, while the remaining events are scheduled for September 2nd.

    Tech Showcase

    The Tech Showcase is a competition where participants from various colleges, as well as students of Raghu Educational Institutions, presented their innovative ideas through prototypes, effectively demonstrating the functionality of their projects. Experienced the magnificence of technology for the Tech Show at EDC & PDC Lab,” where the wonders of engineering was on full display.

    Poster Presentation:

    Participants in this category articulated their distinctive concepts and ideas by skilfully crafting technical posters that effectively convey their creativity and vision the creative brilliance showcased in the “Poster Presentation” was located at the ECE block corridor

    Launch Catalyst

    Participants in this category presented their innovative startup concepts through a professionally made PowerPoint presentation. This event is conducted at Electro Lounge where electrifying startup ideas was sparked into life.

    Robo Rumble

    This the event where many of them felt so excited. Participants had perfectly made their robots to work according to the task given on-site. For those who loved a mechanical challenge, braced themselves for the “Robo Rumble,” which took placed in the open space near the temple

    Design Nexus

    Participants involved their creation of posters or webpages with the themes provided by our Team Leads on-site by using their desired software tools of their comfort to make the poster look professional and attractive. Immersed themself in the future for the Design Nexus at Simulation Lab


    IETE AVISKARA-2K23 prelims ended with the valediction held at Raghu Institute Of Technology by Shri .Raghu Kalidindi Sir (Chairman Of Raghu Educational Institutions), Dr.S M K Chaitanya (Treasurer of IETE Visakhapatnam), Dr.Ch Srinivasu(Principal of Raghu Engineering College), Dr.K Phaninder Vinay(Professor & Head of the department of ECE) , Dr.G V Sridhar(Co-Convener of AVISKARA-2K23) & Dr.A Vamsidhar (Co-Convener of AVISKARA-2K23).All the winners were then Presented with the Momentous, Cash Prize and Certificate Of Appreciation By the Dignitaries for the five events followed by Vote of Thanks by Ms. S Jahnavi.