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Staff Grievance & Redressal Committee


Dr.CH. Srinivasu


Mr. U. Sarat

Associate Professor - BS&H


Dr. P. Rambabu

Associate Professor - CSE

Mrs. K. Bhanu Kumari


Mrs. T. Surya Kavitha

Associate Professor - ECE

Mr. P. Sankara Rao

Assistant Professor - ECE

Mr. V. Tata Rao

Assistant Professor - CSE

Mr. S. Kranthi Kumar

Associate Professor - EEE

Ms. K. Geetanjali

Assistant Professor - ECE

Mr. G. Raja Rao

Non Teaching

Roles & Responsibilities

  • The member secretary shall call for a meeting and shall present the case before the committee for resolution. Both the complainant and the respondent need to be present along with any other person whose presence is required for the speedy resolution of the grievance.
  • The Grievance Redressal Committee will study the documents namely, petition/ application, the relevant documents, the statements of complainant, the statements of respondent and statements of witnesses, and the Committee shall discuss with those concerned and submit its recommendations to the Head of the Institution within one month if possible, or else in any case not beyond three months, for further action.
  • In case of false and frivolous complaint (if proved), the Grievance Redressal Committee will recommend the Head of the Institution/ Disciplinary Committee to take appropriate action against the complainant.
  • In resolving the grievances before it, the GRC will follow principles of natural justice.
  • The Grievance Redressal Committee may mediate between the complainant and respondent, if required.
  • In the case, the complainants not satisfied with the decision of the Committee, may send their appeal to the “OMBUDSMAN” appointed by the Affiliating University. The OMBUDSMAN will fix a date for hearing the Complaint which shall be communicated to the Institute and
  • the aggrieved person. The Institution shall comply with the orders of the ombudsman.