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Anti Ragging Committee


Dr.CH. Srinivasu


Mrs. G. Sridevi

Associate Professor - CSE


Dr. A.Vijay Kumar

Professor - MECH

Mr. R. Srinivasa Rao

Associate Professor - CIVIL

Dr. P. Sasi Kiran

Professor - EEE

Dr. K. Phaninder Vinay

Professor - ECE

Mr. S. Srinadh Raju

Associate Professor - CSE

Mr. U. Sarat

Associate Professor - BS&H

Mrs. A. Baharathi

Assistant Professor - BS&H

Dr. G. CH. S. N. Raju


Ms. K. Pravallika

(20981A0114) - III Yr CIVIL

Mr. B. Naveen

(20981A0202) - III Yr EEE

Mr. P.V.S.K. Sarma

(21985A0324) - III Yr MECH

Ms. A.Ramya Geethika

(20981A0401) - III Yr ECE

Invited Members

Mr. J. Prudhvi Raj

Legal Advisor

Inspector of Police


Mr. K. Srinivasa Charyulu


Anti Raging Squad - I

Mr. S. Kranthi Kumar

Associate Professor - EEE

Ms. K.Geethanjali

Assistant Professor - ECE

Mr. M. Venkata Ramana

Assistant Professor - MECH

Mr. Ch. Ravi


Mr. M. Krishna Kishore


Anti Raging Squad - I Student-Memebers

Mr. B.Chaitanya Kumar

(19981A0105) – IV Yr CIVIL

Mr. R. Shyam Ganesh

(20985A0272) - IV Yr EEE

Mr. M.Bhoja Sri

(20981A04A9) - III Yr ECE

Mr. S. Bharath Vamsi

(20981A0136) - III Yr CIVIL

Mr. K. Jahanavi

(21981A04C3) – II Yr ECE

Mr. K. Jahanavi

(21981A04C3) – II Yr ECE

Ms. A. Navaneetha Sai

(21981A0202) - II Yr EEE

Mr. K. Appala Naidu

(21981A0124) - II Yr CIVIL

Mr. Ch. Avinash

(21981A0318) - II Yr MECH

Mr. P.Srirama Krishna

(19981A04I8) - IV Yr ECE

Ms. P. Priyanka

(21981A05B9) – II Yr CSE

Ms. P.Sai Sree

(20981A4442) – III Yr CSM

Ms. Dasu Priyanka

(19981A0538) – IV Yr CSE

Anti Raging Squad - II

Mr. B.S.V. Reddy


Mr. P.Siva Kumar

Assistant Professor - CIVIL

Mr. H.K.Raghu Vamsi

Assistant Professor - ECE

Mr. K. Mohan Kumar

Assistant Professor - MECH

Mr. V. Tata Rao

Assistant Professor - CSE

Anti Raging Squad - II

Ms. Dokku Manasa

(19981A0107) - IV Yr CIVIL

Ms. A. Bhanu Sree

(19981A0203) - IV Yr EEE

Ms. Sri Lalitha

(20981A0204) - III Yr EEE

Mr. K. Prudhvi

(20981A0338) - III Yr MECH

Mr. P. Prudhvi

(21981A0385) – II Yr MECH

Ms. N. Likhitha

(21981A0129) - II Yr CIVIL

Mr. P. Jayantha Kumar

(21981A0231) - II Yr EEE

Mr. Shaik Sohail Basha

(21981A04L4) - II Yr ECE

Mr. M.Shashi Kiran

(19981A04F8) – IV Yr ECE

Mr. A.K.S.S.Kalyan Yeswanth

(21981A4602) – II Yr CSE

Mr. Kandhala Kiran

(20981A4221) – III Yr CSM

Mr. Md. Thanveerkhan

(19981A598) – IV Yr CSE

Roles & Responsibilities

  • To comply with the directions of the AICTE / UGC / University and be vigilant on nay acts amounting to ragging.
  • To give wide publicity to all students and prevalent directives and the actions that can be taken against those indulge in ragging by displaying posters / notices at all prominent areas like library, hostels, lobbies, canteen, corridor etc.
  • To consider the complaints received from the students and conduct enquiry and submit the report to the Principal and recommend the action to be taken.
  • To conduct awareness programs against ragging menace and orient the students.
  • To provide students the information pertaining to contact details and telephone numbers of the person(s) identified to receive complaints / distress calls.
  • To offer services of counselling and create awareness among the students.
  • To take all necessary measures for prevention of Ragging inside the campus and hostels.